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Here we feature articles and stories that will challenge and expand your knowledge of music: what goes through the minds of conductors, soloists, musicians and a behind the scenes look into the hundreds of hours that go into each performance.

The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra winter season ended on a high, as Robert Moody and Ye- Eun Choi closed off the programme. But there is still more classical music ahead in the off season. Click on link to find out more

It was a first for Sodi Braide and Arjan Tien in collaborating together at the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s World Symphony Series and we spoke to them about their preparations and Mozart

We speak to one of the worlds most gifted cellist, Alexander Ramm about composer Edward Elgar’s cello concerto in e minor

Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s winter season runs till the 13 of June 2019 . Here’s a look at week 1 of this classical music winter programme

Daniel Boico & Olga Kern, the Grand Finale of the 2019 JPO’s Summer Season

JoburgToday speaks you guest soloists performing Mozart’s Requiem, in week 3 of Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s Summer Season, World Symphony Series

Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s summer session week 2 program was a tribute to women in classical music, we speak to orchestra conductor Debora Waldman and classical pianist Gloria Campaner

The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s summer 2019 world symphony series had kicked off this week and will run till the 14th of March 2019. Watch the interview with the international maestro Victor Yampolsky.

Bongani Tembe talks about the JPO World Symphony Series on SABC

Rachel Lee Priday and the multidisciplinary aspect of music

An interview with Rachel Lee Priday international violinist is in studio to talk about her relationship with classical music.

How do you become a conductor in SA?
The journey to becoming one of South Africa’s top conductors with Brandon Phillips.

What it’s like to be a professional pianist with Bryan Wallick

A conversation with virtuoso concert pianist Bryan Wallick on the business of being a professional musician and playing for the JPO.

Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra relaunch

Interview with Mr. Bongani Tembe (Chief Executive & Artistic Director of JPO) on MorningLive / SABC News about the orchestra relaunch.

An interview with world-renowned conductor, Daniel Raiskin

Daniel Raiskin has conducted orchestras on nearly every continent. Listen to him here on his work with the JPO!

What does it mean to be a conductor?

Find out what it means to be a young, modern day conductor with Perry So.