Moving the Community


The JPO is a resource for the community. We’re passionate about arts exposure, skills transfer and performance opportunities, harnessing the great artistry and potential of our City with keen industry insight, strong relationships, and world-class standards. Our robust agenda sees music education through the lens of exposure, upliftment, impartation, mastery and reinvestment, meeting people from all walks of life at each phase of the journey.

We reach communities across the province.


Exposing young learners to the Orchestra in the intimate setting of a school hall awakens a whole new level of possibility. For many, this precipitates or follows classroom time involving discussions around the orchestra, its instruments, and the various elements of music.

Learners are able to hear each instrument individually, while also experiencing the collective power of the whole orchestra.


The JPO has a series of videos available for broadcast at hospitals throughout the region. These concerts, which are free of charge, include the Orchestra performing a number of light classical pieces, popular favourites, and highlights from the silver screen.

Skills transfer

The Orchestra has a variety of teaching programmes which fall under the banner of skills transfer. These include one-on-one music lesson partnerships with schools along with orchestral training to young musicians in the South African National Youth Orchestra.


The Orchestra is keenly aware of the need to create career paths for young musicians who show great promise in the field of music performance. The JPO contributes a substantial amount of funding towards music studies for students studying a B.Mus internationally.