As with all projects, we work with three variables:


To be able to collaborate effectively, we need a heads up on time. While we
occasionally make exceptions in exceptional circumstances, we don’t like making a habit of booking collabs on short notice. We live in a world with limited
resources. Please let us know, from the outset, how you intend to pay for the
production you’re envisioning. Depending on how your vision aligns to ours, we
may make certain financial concessions on the regular costs of our work, but
please note that this is at our discretion, and is dependent on available resources. We are proud of the arts in South Africa, and are committed to not undervaluing them by giving away our product without understanding the implications.
We remain accountable to our many stakeholders for the way we employ our
resources, and are always grateful for collaborators who approach productions
with the same fairness. While we are committed to providing performance platforms for emerging talent, we remain a professional organization – this means
that our musicians have trained for many years to achieve a certain level of
success, and we are respectful of their contribution to the high quality of our
output. As such, we are always excited to partner with other organisations who
have attained the same calibre of excellence in their respective fields.

We appreciate well planned events, excellent communication,
a high level of customer service, and great artistic output.